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Coloured Lineart with shading
Threads of Fate that bind by Destiny-FaithAngel
Kiama Ametrine by Destiny-FaithAngel
Lingering by Destiny-FaithAngel
Regardless of Warnings by Destiny-FaithAngel
I Have A Dream by Destiny-FaithAngel
United at Last by Destiny-FaithAngel
- One to two characters 
- Original Characters or Fan characters
- 1536 × 2048 pixels (Either portrait or landscape)
- Full body, Half-mid and upper body
- BG - Choice of coloured gradient with shadow, coloured gradient or simple background objects related to character 
- Colour choices - ONE of any range of colours but choose a strong shade and a lighter shade 
- Will come with the border

Newest Deviations


Phineas and Ferb

Guardians of Childhood


Kingdom Hearts

Rise of the Guardians

Big Hero 6

Legend of Korra

Dani Phantom


Quotes of the Inspiration

"It is always surprising how small a part of life
is taken up by meaningful moments.
Most of them, they are over before they start,
although they cast a light on the future
and make the person who originated them unforgettable."

- Anna and the King

"The future is forever in motion. There is no 'destiny,' no 'fate,' other than that we make for ourselves."

"Death is always hard to accept. But it is sometimes best to move on and give them you're hope and love, even after death. It lifts their strength and it would make them happy to know that you are still cheering for them, even in the afterlife."

"Someone's happiness is so simple to take, however not so easily replaced..."

“May those who follow their fate be granted happiness; may those who defy it be granted glory”

"True love means wanting the other person to be as happy as possible, even if it isn't with you."

"Sometimes you don't put walls up to keep people out but to see who cares enough to break them down."

"As long as a friend thinks of you from time to time, then the bond between you and them can't be broken."

"No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever."


I support KH OCS by ReikoChan :Once Upon A Time: by Jinxed-It Lost in my imagination... by PixieRiot
Peru Stamp by FranPaz Inca Kola Stamp by DEIDARA7CHAN G'DAY... Stamp by SharpAnimationInc
Fakir Fangirl by shifaikia Fakir and AhiruDuck Stamp by shifaikia R.I.P Robin Williams Stamp by laprasking
I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d Overactive Imagination by World-Hero21 Imagination vs. Knowledge by MechaBerry
Imagination Stamp by TheOutsanityShoppe I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate My imagination is my reality by Heroes-Guy
.Sir Aaron Stamp. by Random-411 Inuyasha Fan Stamp by Busiris Riley by Light-Fox
Imagination by black-cat16-stamps Music is my lifeline by pjuk F: Elsa Dramatic Exit Stamp by randomkiwibirds
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Mision Boda imposible stamp by sam-ely-ember PnF - Crazy Phin Stamp by sam-ely-ember :thumb173566412:
Sonic n PnF crossover stamp by Envytheskunk :thumb152944393: Good dani phantom stamp by stamps-DPF
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Friends of the Ood Stamp by obsidianstamps DW Ten + Donna Sass Stamp by TwilightProwler:thumb151211315:
Don't Blink Stamp by SparklyDestDW TARDIS Stamp by TwilightProwler Lil' TARDIS Clonies Stamp by DrOfDemonology
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Guardians + Jack + Pitch Stamp by The-Clockwork-Angel RotG - Logo Stamp by FairyQueen23 Guardians + Jack + Pitch Stamp by The-Clockwork-Angel
I Believe - Jack Frost by Fischotterchen I Believe - North by Fischotterchen I Believe - Bunnymund by Fischotterchen
I Believe - Sandy by Fischotterchen I Believe - Tooth by Fischotterchen Rise Of The Guardians Stamp by DemoniumAngel
Stamp: Little Bunnymund by R-O-K-U-S-H-I Can'T Control My Feelings by BunnyFromTheHell
Jack Fan Stamp by shadyGIFs Bunnymund Fan Stamp by shadyGIFs Tooth Fan Stamp by shadyGIFs
North Fan Stamp by shadyGIFs Sandy Fan Stamp by shadyGIFs Rise of the Guardians Stamp by Van-helsa124
Jack Frost, Stamp by BunnyFromTheHell RotG Call to Action stamp by shadyGIFs Stamp: Lion King by Zurviving
Dragon Booster - stamp by hiena004 ::Dead Like Me Stampage:: by xloki-arisux

An Artist's Tip by DJ88
Dancing In The Rain by AcidaliaAdrasteia Wreck it Fix it stamp by DarkwingFan
A Real Smile by SuperheroGeek13

I don't own any of these stamps and all credit goes to their creators

I'm back again .... Hi

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 15, 2015, 3:39 AM

Hi guys,
It's been a while, I lost tracks of things and forgot to post up a journal. So here I am alive and still kicking. I guess it been a while with getting into the groove of putting effort into my final year of uni. Which started last year by doing a summer unit to lighten my load of my course work and then realising that I have no life ... i blame uni. 

So far it has been fun with working in the studio and working on live briefs with clients. It's nice to have a space to do creative things and make it my own for this year. Fun thing is just I'm been shortlisted for an exhibition which is great and hoping that I'll make it to the final round so fingers crossed.  Other then the stress of researching my major project which I have no clue in which direction I'm going with at the moment everything is fine just a bit slow with doing my own illustrations. 

Turn 21 a couple of weeks ago so I got my hair dyed to mark the turn of being an official adult by social norm.

This is Misha Rose 
Signing Out

Things that happen so far:
- Final year of uni started
- Designing illustrations for streetwear shirts
- My design pass the shortlist for an exhibition 
- Just bought my own Nikon dslr at last
- Finally found the Subway shop on campus (weird I know with how many years I been there but there a reason - my campus is divided into two sections and it has a large nice landscape compare to the concrete jungles campus that are closer to the city)
- Watch Cinderella and Home recently and also at long last the Book of Life which finally arrived in Aus 
- Enjoyed the Wicked Musical and at long last had my curiosity fill with knowing the plot of the musical and seeing what had change comparing it to the book 
- Got the Art book for Big hero 6

The Things I'm waiting for:
- Avengers Age of Ultron
- Antman
- Tomorrowland
- Inside out
- Minions 

iPod Meme
1. Put Your itunes, windows media player etc on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name

How would you describe yourself?:
Just So you Know

What do you like in a guy/girl?:
I Do Believe

How do you feel today?:
Castle in the Sky

What is life's purpose?:
Distant Traces of Beauty

What is your motto?:
Friends on the Other Side

What do your friends think of you?:
Mario Kart Love Song

What do you think of your parents?:
Down In New Orleans

What do you think about very often?:
Elevator Love

what is 2 + 2?:
Dream on, Dreamer

What do you think of your best friend?:
Love the Way You Lie

What do you think of the person you like?:
I See the Light

What is your life story?:
Dance of the Robe

What do you want to be when you grow up?:

What do you think of when you see the person you like?:
Call Me Maybe

What will you dance to at your wedding?:
If You're Not the One

What will they play at your funeral?:
Masquerade/Why So Silent

What is your hobby/interest?:
Blue Moon

What is your biggest fear?:
Courtroom Revolutionaire

What is your biggest secret?:
Fall for You

What do you think of your friends?:
Extra Ordinary

What will you post this as?:
Love is Easy

(the weirdest meme I ever answered)

art and design sweetcandyteardrop
characters Rebecca Sugar
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Destiny-FaithAngel's Profile Picture
Misha Rose
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi, I'm Destiny-FaithAngel or otherwise known in other blog sites as Misha Rose, but my real name is Michelle Pantoja and I'm a third year undergraduate Design student at uni. As you can see I like to spend my time taking photographs of landscapes and interesting sites i come across in my journey of life and recently starting to digital artworks from my sketches. I hoping towards the future to end up working in an industry of animation or gaming. I enjoy playing heaps of ps3 games and analyzing the animation. I also on under the same username as my deviant account if you want to read my stories on Kingdom Hearts though I'm thinking of transferring it all here

Current Residence: The Warren
Favourite genre of music: pop, salsa, techno,
Favourite style of art: anime, manga, cartoon
Operating System: Mac OS
MP3 player of choice: iTouch
Favourite cartoon characters: Phineas and Ferb, Dani Fenton, Professor Paradox, Sora, Stitch, Comso and Wanda, InuYasha, Milo Thatch, Wiz, Yukito(Yue), Toph, Simon Seville, Sandy, Bunny, Jack Frost, North, Tooth
Personal Quote: All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to peruse them as it fun to do the impossible


May 23, 2015
8:26 pm
May 22, 2015
5:38 am
May 20, 2015
5:37 pm
May 20, 2015
5:52 am
May 18, 2015
1:22 am

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