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Phineas and Ferb


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Quotes of the Inspiration

"It is always surprising how small a part of life
is taken up by meaningful moments.
Most of them, they are over before they start,
although they cast a light on the future
and make the person who originated them unforgettable."

- Anna and the King

"The future is forever in motion. There is no 'destiny,' no 'fate,' other than that we make for ourselves."

"Death is always hard to accept. But it is sometimes best to move on and give them you're hope and love, even after death. It lifts their strength and it would make them happy to know that you are still cheering for them, even in the afterlife."

"Someone's happiness is so simple to take, however not so easily replaced..."

“May those who follow their fate be granted happiness; may those who defy it be granted glory”

"True love means wanting the other person to be as happy as possible, even if it isn't with you."

"Sometimes you don't put walls up to keep people out but to see who cares enough to break them down."

"As long as a friend thinks of you from time to time, then the bond between you and them can't be broken."

"No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever."


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Stamp: Little Bunnymund by R-O-K-U-S-H-I Can'T Control My Feelings by BunnyFromTheHell
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Dragon Booster - stamp by hiena004 ::Dead Like Me Stampage:: by xloki-arisux

An Artist's Tip by DJ88
Dancing In The Rain by AcidaliaAdrasteia Wreck it Fix it stamp by DarkwingFan
A Real Smile by SuperheroGeek13

I don't own any of these stamps and all credit goes to their creators

Sonic Fan

Hello Everyone this is just a test run since i'm using css for something other then websites

Happy Birthday Deviantart!!! My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 7:53 PM

Gallery | +Watch ME | Note ME

Hello everyone

First of all Happy Birthday Deviantart!!!! Best wishes to the site and hope that it continues to flourish with the imagination and creativity of the people who work behind the scene and the members of the site.

I wasn't going to this but due to the fact I want to avoid my homework at the moment. I'll will tell you a tale of my adventure of Deviantart as the artist, Destiny-FaithAngel.

In a time of myth and legend before Deviantart: 
Before deviantart ... the very start I was a shy, timid girl who kept her nose in her books taking adventures to far of lands while keeping perfect A grade in her Visual Art classes. Other then reading I would draw all sorts of things from How to Draw manga/anime books to improve my skills. It wasn't until my best friend drag me out of the library after 2 years in Highschool and introduce to new people in my life which became my friends. From them I became more aware of the fandoms on the web and that was eventually introduce to Deviantart for the search of fanart.

Beginning of the legend:
Starting out here I had a different account, I think it was HikariAngel or something but I don't know what reason it been too long (Maybe i forgot the password or something) I started a new account. I was 13 at the time and I started out to make my username I never noticed the mistype between Fate and Faith so instead of Destiny-FateAngel I became Destiny-FaithAngel but I didn't mind.
Anyway I started been a member here from October in 2008 but at that time I was only just a browser to the site without adding interesting to my profile. Just continue adding more art to the favourite collection. I was still a young teenager so been introduced to a place like this was super exciting and the first few deviantwatchers were my friends and at the beginning use this place to talk with each other. 

Choosing the heroic path: 
Sooner then later I wanted to stop being a watcher from the sideline and start contributing to this amazing sociality. So this where the fun experimentation started and it range from anything drawn within my sketchbook to photographs of nature and anything that capture my attention when going on the family roadtrips and items that I had around the house.

Wizard Chess, anyone???? by Destiny-FaithAngel Viva Peru by Destiny-FaithAngel clay and more clay by Destiny-FaithAngel
Cloudy Day at Sea by Destiny-FaithAngel The SUN is RISING by Destiny-FaithAngel In the end it goes BOOM!! by Destiny-FaithAngel

Playing fetch with a witch by Destiny-FaithAngel Got music by Destiny-FaithAngel Angel de luz by Destiny-FaithAngel The Betrayer by Destiny-FaithAngel

This experimentation continue with a bit a fanfiction writing here and on the site under the same username but things started to change more once graduated highschool. 

Four Reasons:
-Starting university meant that I got my hands on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Aftereffects, Bridge and other programs
-got my own laptop to use instead of the family main desktop pc
-Had enough cash to get a graphic tablet (And its still working to this day)
-My degree meant that I was drawing all the time for projects meaning that I would drawn eventually my own art and fanart. 

Since university life happen I use this place to post what I've done and join many groups but still the main thing that I still do is favourite and my collections is expanding further then i can imagine and just wishes for subfolders in the favourite gallery.  This place allows me to post all that I've done from uni and allows me to see how much I've change through the style of art that I've been expose at uni and here on deviantart. 

University projects:

Digital Dating by Destiny-FaithAngel Still Dream Project - Dream and Dream Again by Destiny-FaithAngel G for Genie by Destiny-FaithAngel

60th Anniversery Cover - The Catcher in the Rye by Destiny-FaithAngel Hidden Paradise - Page 3 by Destiny-FaithAngel Graphic Designers won't read this but .... by Destiny-FaithAngel

My own art:

The Mute Violinist by Destiny-FaithAngel  Waiting for You by Destiny-FaithAngel  Eirene Raahi by Destiny-FaithAngel

.... Time is running out for her by Destiny-FaithAngel

Through out using deviantart I became a premium member which is great in some aspect though still wishing for subfolders in the fave gallery. I was presented with a choice of changing my username. I grew attach to my first username and I don't know whether to make the leap from Destiny-FaithAngel to MishaRose.  The reason that I refer to myself more as Misha Rose as it more of nickname form of my first and middle name; is that somehow during the past years in highschool and uni I somehow ended up stuck in classes where there is another Michelle with me. Maybe someday I could use it as a way to label myself as a designer but I use it here on deviantart to avoid writing my name and also that most other social network I'm known as Misha Rose. 

My deviantart IDs:
Destiny-FaithAngel Deviant ID by Destiny-FaithAngelHappy Easter!!! 2013 by Destiny-FaithAngelOh He just can't wait to be King by Destiny-FaithAngel

Through this site I've seen many different artist grow and develop their skills and had become fans of their work.  Such as KicsterAsh, Mikeinel, nicolaskole, bleedman, kiki-kit, LiyuConberma, mauroz, Avannak, Bonka-chan, rufftoon and Quinni. They are all an inspiration to me. 

Other the using this place for inspiration I also use it for the fanart. There are heaps of amazing work here on everything and also stock images for referencing poses.

Now to the Present:
University life, finish my degree and decide whether to do Honours or Professional for my final year of uni is the main thing on my mind. Even if it means dropping my side projects for now and be less active on deviantart for my gallery then the favorites gallery. This is due to trying to find an internship and at the same time start reworking my design portfolio.

I'm glad for deviantart to been apart of my life and help me develop as a graphic designer. I wouldn't know what to do without this place being here. 
I would also like to thank all my watchers out there that are still watching me and I'm thankful that you enjoy my work. 

This is Misha Rose 
Signing Out

  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Hooked on a Feeling
  • Reading: How to Train Your Dragon Bk2/11
  • Watching: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Playing: KH 1.5 Remix
  • Eating: Anzac biscuits
  • Drinking: Strawberry and Cream Tea


Destiny-FaithAngel's Profile Picture
Misha Rose
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi, I'm Destiny-FaithAngel or otherwise known in other blog sites as Misha Rose, but my real name is Michelle Pantoja and I'm a third year undergraduate Design student at uni. As you can see I like to spend my time taking photographs of landscapes and interesting sites i come across in my journey of life and recently starting to digital artworks from my sketches. I hoping towards the future to end up working in an industry of animation or gaming. I enjoy playing heaps of ps3 games and analyzing the animation. I also on under the same username as my deviant account if you want to read my stories on Kingdom Hearts though I'm thinking of transferring it all here

Current Residence: The Warren
Favourite genre of music: pop, salsa, techno,
Favourite style of art: anime, manga, cartoon
Operating System: Mac OS
MP3 player of choice: iTouch
Favourite cartoon characters: Phineas and Ferb, Dani Fenton, Professor Paradox, Sora, Stitch, Comso and Wanda, InuYasha, Milo Thatch, Wiz, Yukito(Yue), Toph, Simon Seville, Sandy, Bunny, Jack Frost, North, Tooth
Personal Quote: All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to peruse them as it fun to do the impossible


Sep 13, 2014
9:49 pm
Sep 13, 2014
8:47 am
Sep 12, 2014
7:54 pm
Sep 12, 2014
6:42 am
Sep 12, 2014
5:02 am

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Choosing a costume for a party, which one should I go as? (just ignore the fact the my fave characters are guys) 

5 deviants said Obi-Wan Kenobi - Star Wars
No deviants said Mako - Legend of Korra
No deviants said Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist


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